Our vision is to improve the quality of its products by using advanced technology and processing innovations to meet the needs of developing economies and manufacturing by following strict vigilance, exhaustive quality control parameters for better customer satisfaction. With excessive focus of our Government of being self-reliant by developing the flagship campaign of “Make in India”, we will not only aspire to be self-reliant but also export our goods to the foreign countries, which would help us earn valuable foreign reserve. The group envisions to re-establish itself in the explosives market within the mining sector and explore forward integration for use of explosives in metallurgy. Furthermore, there is a promising future with privatisation within the defence sector.

We wish to bring the backward region of the Himalayan as well as Bundelkhand communities into the mainstream alongside stepping into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Provide vocational skill training to young people, and support passionate young individuals committed to improving communities by creating local impact guided by a global perspective:

  • Support efforts to improve mechanisms on Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation.

  • Coordinate multi-stakeholder efforts to deliver sustainable and inclusive economic development in the face of skills gaps.

  • Examine, in depth, the social and economic transformations occurring in the Himalayan region.

  • Contribute by sharing ideas and innovations that  structure new industry ecosystems; help industry and government leaders prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Safety and occupational health awareness

  • Identify, control, evaluate and monitor the occupational health hazards, through industrial hygiene and occupational health programs.

  • Inform hazards and control measures to all people involved, preventing the occurrence of injuries and illnesses.

  • Take all necessary actions to learn from accidents and prevent iterations.

  • Take care and protect the life and health of workers exposed to silica.

  • Guarantee a healthy and safe work environment, free of risks derived from the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

  • Communicate and investigate every incident.

Environmentally Responsible

  • Manage environmental aspects of our operations, reducing adverse impacts.

  • Keep response systems for possible emergencies.

Relationship with the communities

  • To be recognized as a company that is respectful to the environment and to the nearby communities.

  • Execute our operations with the best practices.

Participation and involvement

  • Keep an auditable system for safety, occupational health, environment and quality management, appropriate for the company’s productive processes, in a preventive action and continuous improvement framework.

  • To keep means of communication and information with all stakeholders.

  • Integral implementation of this policy, and we expect everyone to be aware of their individual obligations in terms of safety, occupational health, environment, quality and community.


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