• Non-electric Detonators (With Shock Tube Initiation System)

  • Cords

    • Detonating Cord

    • Defense-spec Safety Fuses

    • PVC Coated Safety Fuses

    • Bickford Safety Fuse

    • Visco Fuse

  • Pentolite Boosters


  • Ammonium Nitrate

  • Low Explosives

    • Black Gunpowder

      • Black powder for blasting

      • Black powder for fireworks and pyrotechnic applications

      • Black powder for shooting

      • Black powder for military applications

  • High Explosives

    • Water-gel Explosives

      • Slurries

      • Emulsions

    • Heavy ANFO

    • TATB

    • HMX

    • PETN


  • CCC For 125 mm Tank Ammunition

  • CCC For 120 mm Tank Ammunition

  • CCC For 155 mm modular charge system in Artillery Ammunition using Felting Technology

  • Augmenting Cartridge For Mortar Bomb Ammunition using Nitrofilm Celluloid Sheets


Explosive Cladding and Forming

Explosive Depth Hardening of Railway Tracks

Explosive Bulge Test to assess Weldment Performance

Installation of on-site magazines, which are properly equipped units for the storage of explosives, previously approved by the Inspecting Entity, followed by a continued supply of explosives and raw materials.

Magazine and plant management service, becoming in charge of the daily administration of raw materials and explosive products, reception, storage, replenishment, dispatch and transportation of raw material, high explosives and accessories.

Transportation service with delivery of explosive products and initiation systems to work points, with highly qualified personnel and in vehicles especially equipped for this operation.

Demiliterisation and delaboration is the disposal and recovering of obsolete, excess or banned ammunition and explosives through appropriate processes and capabilities of recovery using the R3 philosophy (Recover, Recycle and Reuse) of materials from munitions and explosives, for their reintegration into a new cycle of life in the civilian world.

Factory Floor with Two Workers


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