Our Background

The administrative and commercial offices are located in Dehradun and New Delhi in north India.

We have two service plants for research programs under public-private partnership with the MoD, having all required resources and equipment for safe, high-quality, productive operations. Our plants have magazines and warehouses for high explosives and raw materials, management support offices, and equipment and processes specially designed to prepare explosives and meet the most stringent safety standards at the same time.

We have three production plants and some proposed sites for production plants (Ammonium Nitrate and Bulk Emulsion Matrix) in north, central and south India for the manufacture of Blasting Agents, High Explosives, Initiation Systems for open-pit/ underground mining, and use in metals for industrial applications; Raw Materials & Combustible Components for applications in recreational fireworks and even projectiles in the defence & security sector.

The Promoter

Mr Rajesh Jain acquired Indo Gulf Industries Limited in 2017 and is the primary promoter of the group having over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector of high energy materials. He has been educated at The Doon School and Hindu College of University of Delhi, and has inherited the foresightedness and traits of keen interest in explosives manufacture segment from his late father Mr Narendra Kumar Jain, a first generation entrepreneur, who had after repeated failures started a new career in the field of “arms, ammunition and explosives” with a small workshop for repairing firearms in 1949. The group was subsequently identified trading the materials between the producers and end user, and later on by 1962, established a Gunpowder Mill with German-Swiss technology. A new division was created for the manufacture of nitro-glycerine dynamite in 1970’s, which was transferred to the Dalmia Group and renamed as Bharat Explosives Limited. In 1990, Mr Rajesh Jain acquired Rajasthan Explosives & Chemicals Limited from IDL Chemicals Limited, turning the sick unit healthy with expertise and a strong work culture, and sold it in 1997. In 1999, he established Ganesh Explosives Private Limited’s Gunpowder Mill and in 2016 established Rajesh Explosives Private Limited’s Dehradun Gunpowder Plant. In 2018 he re-established Indo Gulf Industries Limited.


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